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Hi! I am the moderator here. :) I guess I'll say something first so there's something here when people, hopefully, begin to join.

I have been writing for well over a decade now. Half of that was spent in fanfiction, the other half writing my own stuff. At the beginning of this year, I -- along with my husband and my co-author -- formed an LLC and imprint to print our own writings under. We also chose to invite other authors to contribute to our twice yearly anthologies.

Mainly, I write erotic romance. Male/male, female/female, and polyamorous groups. I write in the fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal genres mostly. My co-author and I just finished the manuscript for our first novel, Rachmaninoff, and it's with the proofreaders before it will head to the editor. That novel will be available in December of this year.

It's been a learning experience, I'll say that. How to set up our own imprint, how to negotiate contracts, who to ask for help from, and when to admit we are not experts and therefore need to seek out the experts and pay them to do what they do best.

So, that's about it for me. Short, sweet, and only the highlights, but that's me.

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