Date: 2010-04-24 04:12 am (UTC)
logophile: (Muse Sleeping Off Bender)
From: [personal profile] logophile
Usually, I'm told if I were writing books about model trains, I'd be fine. *chuckles* Something about model trains...

One of my indie friends just announced that in the year and a half her self-published paranormal romance novella had been out (in Kindle format only), she just hit the $2,000 mark in profit. Since the average novella earns about $700-$1,000 in royalties over the life of the contract, I say she's done pretty damn well. I see those sorts of success stories, where self-publishers don't overcharge for their items and write quality material and wind up with a good return, and I feel reassured that this isn't some delusional fantasy.

I think, now more than ever, self-publishers have the tools at in their hands to make a success if they apply themselves. I plan on posting about such tools soon to share what I've learned over the last two years. ^_^
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